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-for the bold couples who love unconditionally- 

Seattle Summer Wedding Photography / photo by Danielle Riley
Destination Wedding + Elopement Photographer Danielle Riley

hi, im  DANIELLE


twenty something, photographer & momma' to a rescue kitty named Winston + our newest addition Kodak.

Cheesy teen movies from the 90’s make me happy, and I watch way too much New Girl, Like hello. I LOVE SCHMIDT. I eat an insane amount of white cheddar popcorn and my husband is the only cook in our house. ( but a really good one!) I spend way too much money at target, and i’m addicted to thrift shopping. (Anyone else always looking for a good deal?) The hubs and I have a dream of buying a house in Amsterdam on the Canals, but I really think thats just a Danielle dream so I can ride a bike and eat pastries everyday. because well, pastries. thats why.