i want you to know 

I'm just like you, trying to find the perfect Spotify playlist and determine the right amount of creamer to put in my coffee. I recently eloped on the west coast during a rainy day in January, to the greatest man I know. We celebrated with smoke bombs, red velvet cake and a greasiest burger joint in Forks afterwards. 

I've been telling the same one joke since I was 16 and chances are if you know me, you've heard it. ( It seriously never gets old!)  I cry when I laugh, I'm an awful cook, addicted to sweets and French fries. I never eat vegetables and have awful dance moves, but over all I think I'm pretty cool.

Ruby Beach, WA Elopement Photographer.jpg
So much of our future lies in preserving our past
— Peter Westbrook

My job isn’t to photograph your wedding, my job is show you that I care. That I care about you’re relationship, and that I understand all of the hard-work that goes into planning a wedding, and that I care about your wedding day, as much as I did my own. 

Because everyone deserves their dream wedding, no matter the circumstances 

Ruby Beach, WA Elopement Photography.jpg