If you follow me on any sort of social media you know that B and I have been traveling for about 3 months straight. Now, I’m no expert on traveling but I do think I’m experienced enough to write a blog on my travels. 

In August we set out on our journey from Seattle to North Carolina, making many stops in between before boarding a flight to Europe for a 3 week “vacation” as if we weren’t already on one. We eloped in January, with little time to really even consider taking a honeymoon. So we held off for 8 months, and man was it worth it. 

jk, but seriously this was Brandon half the time I was driving

jk, but seriously this was Brandon half the time I was driving

We started our Honeymoon by driving across the country not once, but TWICE. Why you ask, well why not really? I mean we got the chance to do something some people dream about doing, why not take total advantage of the time we’ve been given and see as much as this beautiful country as we possibly could.

Now B and I are pretty lucky, when we started thinking about all the places we wanted to see we realized, we know people a lot of those places so that definitely helped us along the way. I personally, have always grew up dreaming of traveling. Wanting to go everywhere and see everything, Brandon on the other hand would of been fine traveling to Mexico and sitting on a beach somewhere. ( I told him our next vacay he can pick! :] )



Throughout our trip’s across the country we saw some of the places I had only dreamt of seeing and got to see friends and family in places we don’t get the chance to visit often. We listened to endless Spotify playlist and I convinced B to listen to Podcasts, thats right I DID THE IMPOSSIBLE! I binged on about 8 podcast while he slept in the passenger seat ( probably so he could avoid my crazy driving as much as possible) and he learned to really love my singing voice… and by love I mean tolerate.

Here are some of my favorite photos from some of my favorite places.

We loved every part of our amazing unplanned, crazy, hectic road trips, but most of all we loved seeing all these beautiful places together and spending time with the friends and family we had the chance to stop in and see, and thank you again to everyone who opened your doors to us. Your truly amazing and B and I are lucky to have you in our lives.

I get asked a lot, “what was your favorite part of traveling” “what was the most beautiful thing you saw” and honestly I cant give an answer. It was all amazing and beautiful and if I thought really hard about it, driving across the country was always something I wanted too, but did I ever think I would actually get the chance too, especially with the freedom of having no deadline to be home, no responsibilities and having the financial freedom to do so. Probably not.

It wasn’t easy, it was really hard, it took a lot of planning,  and anyone who tells you other wise isn’t being fully honest. It takes a toll, financially, mentally, and it can on relationships, but no matter what if its something you want to do. Its possible and its worth it. 


Like I’ve said previously , moving has never been hard for me. Ever. I would just pick up and go, but this time was different. This time I knew I wouldn’t be coming back to Seattle to live, or even to visit for a long time. So every good bye I said really hit home with me. Maybe this crazy road trip was a gesture to make the move a little more exciting, or maybe it was just an excuse to take three months off work. Regardless of whatever it was, to me or Brandon. It was amazing and we loved every minute of it.

We loved it soo much that after we got back from two cross country road trips we jumped on a flight to Paris and started a 3 week journey across Europe. But more on that in next weeks blog post!