Rob & Jenny// ENGAGED


Thats right, its SNOWING as a write this. So its ONLY fitting that I publish Rob and Jenny’s engagement photos today!! Why you ask, well just scroll down and see..


Coffee, plaid, overalls and a yellow beanie, all happening at a Christmas tree farm?!?! YES PLEASE!!! If I could describe some of my favorite things in this world two of those things would be on there!

Jenny and I had met a couple years ago while I lived in Charlotte before moving to the PNW, so to say that I was a little ecstatic when she reached out would be a total understatement!! & then she suggested a Christmas tree farm, I mean hello, NO BRAINER!  I, OF COURSE said” when, because I’m totally down!” They had planned out their session to a T, which was totally bonus points on how awesome they were, I couldn’t complain one bit. 

I mean hello, ITS A CHRISTMAS TREE FARM, thats like the happiest place on earth next to Disneyland right?!

The day of their shoot arrived and they show up with smiles and total cuteness in hand, not to mention her  gorgeous rose-gold solitaire ring, which I personally love, because hello rose gold. 



We spent a chilly afternoon walking around Jordan Lake Christmas tree farm, trying to find the last little bit of Christmas trees they had left, and chasing the sun before it set. Through-out the session Rob and Jenny talked to me about how they met, what their hopes and dreams are for their first crazy year of marriage, we swapped stories, I learned that Rob is an insanely talented guy who re-did a bus, where you can live out of it, WHAT?! Mind blown, you guys think van life is cool, have you even considered bus life?!


Did I mention they brought coffee?? Oh yes, that is what helps make this blog post SO FITTING TODAY. Its cold, were all drinking coffee ( or tea) and trying to stay warm.


It was cold, and by cold I mean like hand numbing cold, but these two toughed it out with me and I could not think of a better couple I’d like to do that with again, thanks again guys for picking me to document these sweet moments in your life, I look forward to photographing many many more with you, and next time ill bring the coffee!