How I balance Work + Marriage -- 3 Tips to help you!

Let's get personal...

Let's address the elephant in the room, it's been a minute since I last blogged... I know, I know. But you guys, these video blogs are a lot harder then I expected!! 

p.s totally. looking for a helper with video blogs from here on out,  so let's drink coffee and make some videos!

Last week I took a poll on Instagram asking what you would like to see more of, more photo sessions or more personal stuff. PERSONAL stuff won! I seriously cannot believe that it warms my heart sooo soo much! 
So today's blog is the first blog diving into a more personal side of things. In this video,  I will be talking about something you may be a little surprised to find out that I get asked constantly ( no it's not about my elopement) 
The question I get asked more than I ever thought I would is "how do manage work and your marriage"
Guys, I am FLOORED that this is something I get asked. Brandon and I have only been married for a little over a year, and let me be the first to tell you, it wasn't always easy. But I guess I did a pretty good job of making it look that way. 
The first couple of times I got asked this I just kind of brushed it off but now that it's becoming a more regular question I decided that this topic should be the first of the personal blog post because honestly whats more personal then letting you in how my marriage is doing and spilling my work secrets to you! 
I've thought pretty hard about this and realized the things I narrowed down that really help our marriage arent BIG changes, there very simple, and there very small parts of our lives that we ( and you) have total control over. 

Here they are:


that's right, I work a 9-5 ( with some crazy weekend weddings) But every day when Brandon gets home, I'm DONE working. No all-nighters editing, no 2 am cups of coffee trying to figure out the secret to pinning things on Pinterest. 


This is something WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE, even if I'm driving home from a late night session, we eat together. When you take the time to cook and eat with your spouse you get the chance to talk about your day, your goals for the week and plan your weekend and talk about whatever else is on your mind. Communication is KEY in a marriage and dinner time is when we do the most communicating


This is a hard one for me, but it is a decision I made to BETTER my marriage. Brandon is more than understanding about my job and being on social media constantly but honestly, I don't want to be. I like separating myself from work in the evenings because it gives my mind time to think, time to relax, and an ability to start fresh first thing in the morning.  If you're constantly on your phone, or computer or iPad working, you aren't being present in the moment. and if you're not present in the moment you'll start to miss some of the most important parts of life.

So with this, I challenge you to TRY ONE. Just try one, and see if you notice a difference. I assure you that you'll live if you're not on Instagram 24/7 and that conversation will start to flow if you give them the chance.