Headshots//. Arkia Jordan Photography

Head Shots with Arika JorDan Photography 

This week has been ONE CRAZY WEEK and you guys, its literally only TUESDAY! can you believe it?! Like I'm over here saying, PLEASE REFILL THIS COFFEE, anyone else??

This blog post is a photo one, and one that I am really excited to share. Since moving back to NC, its been a whole new world for me trying to meet new people and make new friends. Sometimes you would even say that I almost felt like giving up and just staying home with my cat. But one day I said to myself "ahhhh I'm just going to go for it, I'm going to attend this styled shoot that's happening in Raleigh and see what comes from it." That day I walk into a venue filled with people and tons of other photographers, we get broken up into little groups and look I'm not going to lie it's intimidating, but you know. You just learn to go with it. 

That day I met this spunky colorful girl and instantly thought 'YOU GO GIRL" Arika was such breath of fresh air to be around, hearing the way she directed models, the jokes she told and her entire personality just made my day!! ( and not going to lie totally reminded me of myself a little) 

Throughout the day we chatted some, we got to know eachother, talked about all the places we had traveled, why we photograph weddings and what we love about our industry. I left and said, maybe ill connect with her on social media! & here we are a month later, and let me tell you. I now know this girl has THE CUTEST daughter ( who lets me pick her up, and i just melt inside!), I know she has traveled all around, that we love the same things about our job and we listen to the same type of music. We bond over wanting the same things out of our businesses and over being new to an area and not knowing many poeple, who you can just call up and say "let's go get ice cream"

After seeing the trees in bloom we decided to do a couple of headshots for each other. Since our crazy metting at a styled shoot, we have since become very good friends, chatting every day, taking trips acrosss the state in the snow, shooting weddings together, and we even managed to squeeze in a perdicure and cupcakes last friday!!

My advice, take the chance. Get out of the house, try to meet new people and never stop networking ever.