Sommerville Wedding // Raleigh NC Elopement

Holy wow, this wedding is one of my favs. hands down.

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you have seen me post multiple pictures of it! ( well before my insta got hacked, but don't worry I'm working on that now!) 

Rob + Jenny have one of the sweetest love stories I have ever heard, from growing up together, with Rob always being very open about how much he loved Jenny, and then growing up pursuing their lives in different directions and then reconnecting via facebook years later, picking up exactly where they left off, and from the moment she told me that story I knew I had to work with them. 

Jenny is a minimalist at heart so I knew when she said they were going to have an "intimate backyard wedding" with their families, I had NOTHING to worry about. Their cabin sits on a lake, with horses, a swing for the tree, and amazing views so its safe to say I couldn't wait to see what Rob + Jenny were putting together for their big day! 

When I arrived I saw the cutest ceremony spot, a coffee bar, a giant Parisian rug,  accompanied by a 12 ft table to seat their families for their intimate reception. YALL THIS IS SO PINTEREST WORTHY IT'S UNREAL.

Their ceremony was filled with love, laughter, and ring barrier walked down the aisle to the Batman theme song.. Can this wedding get any better?

Dinner was catered by their fav Mexican restaurant, they danced to their first song, had sparkler exit, and partied the night away with their guest.

So many people think when you get eloped, it has to be just the two of you, that you have to invite everyone you know if you plan on having a wedding. But that isn't true, and I hope when people view this blog post they see another option, another way to celebrate their big day with the ones they love all while keeping it simple.

I say it all the time, but guys' this is why I do my job. I do this job to work with couples who have amazing hearts, love stories, and endless smiles. It's so important when you're picking your wedding photographer to know that they are going to love every detail of your wedding as they would their own. I hope when my couples look back at their images they see that I do, I hope they see the love that I try to capture and the story behind it all.