5 things to consider when choosing your wedding photographer

5 things you should consider when booking a photographer!

Yep, that's right. Today this blog post is for those of you who are planning your wedding and searching for the perfect photographer! 

You guys, there are A LOT of wedding photographers out there, with a lot of different editing styles and personalities. Some you love and some you don't love so much and that's FINE. I've compiled a list of 5 things to really consider when you're looking for your wedding photographer and I really hope that they help anyone having trouble! 

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1. Do they edit in a style you like?
Seems like an easy answer right?? I mean why would you reach out and like their images if its not an editing style that you love. Well, I don't know but some people do. I get wedding inquiries and sometimes the person inquiring sends some photos they like and say they are looking for a "darker moodier style".... I'm sorry what? Guys, I don't edit dark and moody. Never have, and never will. Because it's not my brand, it's not the style I like, and it's not something that is going to make me feel confident in my work, because its a different style of editing that I haven't nailed down.  SO think about that guys, It makes the creative feel like even though you reached out to them, that your work just isn't good enough sometimes. We take years to nail down our brand, our editing style and everything our business represents, so asking us to be something we have worked so hard to be, can hurt a little bit. 


2. Are they in your budget?
This is a big one, I cant tell you how many inquiries I get from my website that is asking me what my pricing is. THEY ARE ON MY SITE, UNDER INVESTMENT. If you send me an inquiry through my website that means you were on my site, and you probably saw the tap that says "investment". Just click it, read through it and you can see. I list my prices to cut back on the number of emails I have to respond too saying what my prices are. We understand couples have budgets so just make sure to explore their websites some to see if they fit your budget before inquiring.

3. Do you click?
I always ask my inquiries to meet before they ever pay me a dime, because I want them to have 100% feeling that they booked the perfect person for them. They feel confident that throughout one of the most important days of their life, they're going to get along with the person documenting it. I have a loud personality, and I'm a little spastic. but you know what that's me, and sometimes I don't click with everyone and THAT'S OKAY and ITS OKAY if you don't vibe with this person. At the end of the day, this day is about you and your finance and you are going to be spending A LOT of time with your photographer, make sure that you vibe well. 

4. Do expectations meet their level of Expertise?
this is a big one. Not that we don't want to meet your expectation's sometimes it's just that we don't excel in one area of photography. For example, I am GREAT at natural light photography, but night shots with an external flash, well I am not so hot at those, because they are not my shooting style. I can appreciate those images, soo much but if you're looking for a photography that is going to give you amazing backlit night shots, well I would point you in the direction of someone else who will take those amazing photos for you! 

5. Insurance/Reviews/Reputation
DO THEY HAVE INSURANCE?! Ask them what it says in their contract if some unforeseen accident is to happen and maybe they cant make it to your wedding, or their camera breaks, or worse if you decide halfway through that your personalities aren't matching up and you choose to go somewhere else, do you get a refund? Do they have a good reputation, look at their reviews do people love them or did they wait a while to get their photos back or experience a lack of communication?  

I know this can all seem like a lot, and I know that when you consider booking a wedding photographer there are a MILLION resources on Pinterest, Google, and Etsy. But guys, THESE ARE WHAT YOU SHOULD CONSIDER.

Hope it all helps, please feel free to leave any other questions you think are good that I left out!!