que, tears now.... 



Living in Washington was probably the best thing that could of ever happened to Brandon and I. It was the first time we were truly "on our own" from our families, yea we both had moved out and had our own places before, but we had never been 3,000 miles away.

When I first moved to Washington Brandon and I had been dating for a little over and year, and technically had only seen each other 6 months out of that year. So living together was going to be a totally new and strange thing for us. On top of all that we would be living with roommates, two guys that ended up being two of my best friends. 



We loved our life in Washington soooo much that we decided to call off a North Carolina wedding and just elope there. It was amazing. Washington will always hold such a special spot in my heart. Its where we got engaged, where we got married, where we started to learn how to grow with one another and really better our relationship, its where our roommate Jeremy taught me how to make pasta sauce from scratch and where our other roommate, C.J would sing loudly with me to songs from a decade ago, its where we had movie marathons where we would devour bags of white cheddar pop corn and eat spoonfuls of cookie butter ( seriously cookie butter everything y'all)  where I found a love for wine and most importantly where Brandon and I started our lives together. 

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Moving is never a thing that I had a problem with in the past, Seriously, I've done many many times. But this time, it was hard. It was hard to leave all the amazing people I've met, hard to leave my job where I worked as a nanny for the most amazing family I could ever dream of, and hard to leave a place where I had started a life. 



Im also very very excited to start this new chapter in our lives. To finally be able to settle down, buy a home, finally take the leap and do photography full time. Brandon and I are so thrilled to be back in a city with our families and be surrounded with love from the people closest to us.. Did I mention how happy we are to also be surrounded by southern food again.. Seriously. GIVE ME ALL THE HUSHPUPPIES.