28 // A birthday blog!

28, wow. I always knew this year would come. Just maybe not this soon.

it's crazy to think about the fact that im closer to thirty then I am 20...

But on a real note. I am so happy to see 27 go.

This past year has been anything but an exciting one, unless you're a young writer and looking for a tragedy struck Millennial to write a new pilot about.

My 27th birthday started with a KETO approved birthday cake. Looking back, that should have been the first sign. No one should ever have to eat KETO approved lemon cake on their birthday. EVER.

The year progressed to be full of heartache, loss, serious mental health battles with 3 people very close to B and I, multiple hurtles in my business, and of course our ectopic pregnancy and the near loss of my own life.

Now before this becomes Danielle just complaining about how hard this year has been on her, Let's talk about the positives.

  1. I watched my best friend get married to her high school sweetheart. Something, that some people only read about or watch movies on.

  2. I photographed an elopement in GREECE.

  3. I set a goal for my business in November and had succeeded in that goal by FEB. ( just 4 short months)

  4. Ive had my work shared all over the globe in major publications like: GLAMOUR, INSTYLE, THE DAILY MAIL and THE RACHAEL RAY SHOW!

  5. I hosted my first ever photography workshop with an amazing friend

  6. B and I brought Kodak home, and now we have two very cute kitties.

  7. We celebrated Christmas in Ireland!

  8. B bought me a 4runner!

  9. I started Therapy and am getting a better grasp on my anxiety and mental health.

  10. & and I've never felt more confident in what I can offer my clients, friends, and just in business in general.

Those are all amazing things that have happened this year. And I refuse to forget about them and pretend that this year has only been bad because it hasn't.

But it's so easy to look at all the negative and only see that.

If I can be honest, I haven't been looking forward to my birthday. I never truly do. I always get excited and happy, but then the day comes and I wake up sad. I don't want to talk to anyone, I don't want to make plans. I just want to Netflix and mimosa on my couch with people who are also okay with that.

Im a cancer who is also an enneagram 7. SO YALL ITS HARD.

I enjoy being by myself in my own little world, but I also love being surrounded by people I love and making them happy.

I've learned some major things this year.

  1. I can't help everyone, no matter how hard I try. I can't take away their pain.

  2. I am stronger than I ever knew, I could be.

  3. Good Communication is the ONLY thing that can help you through the hardest times.

  4. Sometimes people are only apart of your life for a brief moment in time, and that's okay.

  5. With a little bit of hard work, a realistic outlook and some big dreams, ANYTHING can happen.

This blog post started as a way for me to talk to you all about how incredibly hard this year has been for me, to give you an idea of how life really is for a business owner and entrepreneur going through so much in their personal life and still keeping it together for the sake of their business, but in the time it took me to write it. Its become so much more.

I hope that when you read this, you see a part you can relate too. Hopefully the happy things and not the sad. But if it is the sad that you relate too, I hope you know that you're not alone and there is someone else going through the same thing.

The only thing that truly changes someone's situation from a very similar one you may be going through, is their outlook on everything. If you have a negative outlook, you'll continue to get negativity back into your life. I encourage to look for the positive. To seek it out in times of absolute darkness, and KNOW that there is more than this moment in time that's so hard for you.

I also heard that eating a really good sugar-filled cake helps too. My biggest advice, Avoid KETO cake during the hard times. Drink the Champagne on your birthday and put on the outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks and DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.


Here are some of my fav memories from the good times of this year, with some of the best people.