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5 things to consider when choosing your wedding photographer

5 things to consider when choosing your wedding photographer

“ if your planning a wedding, and have no idea how to start, THIS IS FOR YOU”


Some of you may of noticed that I took a bit of a break from social media for a few days these past few week.. Ive been dropping hints of “SOMETHING BIG” happening for B and I. 


Thats right, A HOUSE!! 

Over the holidays we signed the final papers on our new townhome and we moved in on the 29th. We’ve been spoiled by having friends and family from all over NC come and celebrate + unpack with us.

A lot of bloggers and photographers tell you they need something big, and then they show you only the good parts of it. The pretty counters, the bedroom all made up, the clean floors. Well, thats awesome and all, but you guys, THATS NOT REAL LIFE and if you know me, you know I DON’T CARE. Im going to real with you, I’m going to tell you the good the bad and the ugly. 

I mean, don’t get me wrong, they’re is totally going to be a blog post post once the house is done, full of photos of us popping champagne and pulling a Tom Cruz sliding through the house in our socks, but for now we have this. The real moments of B and I unpacking, images of the chaos of what will be our lives of the next few weeks as we unpack an entire life from Washington and start a new one here.

Seeing things from the Washington house get unpacked is a little sad, I’m not going lie. I came across an entire box of Brandons navy uniforms and almost started crying, why? I seriously have no idea. Maybe because, I’m a little sad that chapter of our lives is over and he will never wear that uniform again, Maybe I'm happy crying that we don't ever have to worry about him missing anything anymore because he could of been deployed. Or maybe I was just stressed and not wanting to deal with unpacking another huge box.  Seeing the pictures that held importance to us in our lives there arrive here and me knowing I am going to take every photo out of the Fram its in to replace them with whats important now, is a crazy feeling. 

So here is a glimpse into our lives, a look back at our last few days in 2017 and heres to an awesome year in 2018, in OUR NEW HOUSE, in a new town, making new friends and here is to the excitement of a new chapter!