Sommerville Wedding // Raleigh NC Elopement

Sommerville Wedding // Raleigh NC Elopement

This this boho inspired intimate wedding will make all of your Pinterest dreams come true!

Songs for after you say "I DO"

Songs for after you say "I DO"

Looking to make your wedding like no other? Here are some unique songs to walk down the aisle too after saying I DO, sure to make your wedding memorable.

Dustin + Angel // Magnolia Plantation, Charleston SC


Okay, are you ready to see some of my all-time FAVORITE wedding images? 

Some of you may be saying, what makes this your favorite Danielle?? Well for starters I work with some of the BEST COUPLES ever, and two, they plan the BEST WEDDINGS.

Angel and Dustin reached out to me while I still lived in Washington for their wedding, and I immediately agreed to photograph their wedding, Angel and I had grown up together and went to the same schools and then just hearing everything that they were planning for their big day I knew it would amazing.  But don't let me fool you, their journey to finally walking down the aisle was anything but easy. The venue had overbooked their wedding date, which means they needed to reschedule everything including all their vendors, and then all of a sudden when the day finally arrives A HURRICANE IS HERE. That's right, they were supposed to get married during hurricane Irma. The venue ultimately decided it was just too risky, and just days before their wedding they had to reschedule once again...

Although it wasn't ideal, Dustin and Angel still hopped on a flight to Hawaii and enjoyed their planned honeymoon! 

When the day FINALLY came around (5 months later), everyone was ready for it! -- This couple had people from ALL OVER at their wedding. I'm talking people from different countries Y'all, that's how much love this couple has for them all over the world. Their bridal party was full of their closest friends and family that they have met all over the country, through friends and at music festivals, and ones they had grown up with. 

I loved everything about their wedding date, they stayed so true to their southern roots, starting with the venue they chose, to how Dustin's Father officiated the ceremony, to not seeing one another before the ceremony, and even how angel took a shot of Crown Royal with her dad before walking down the aisle. 

You guys, I talk about how much I love my clients all the time. and I don't know if I could ever repay my clients for the amazing memories they give me, the laughs I get to capture, the love, and all the funny faces.

Words cannot express the joy I still have in me, knowing that through everything this couple went through they trusted me to document their wedding day. 

watch out 2018 weddings, I'm coming for you.

If your ready to cry, watch this video of their big day captured by the amazing Kaylee Lamoine --  Give this girl a follow. BTW: SHE TRAVELS, so book her!! 



Dustin + Lauren // Asheville Rooftop

Arika  Jordan Photography and I headed up to Asheville a week ago ( well really her mom drove an RV and they let me tag along, THANKS, GUYS <3)  and we somehow managed to snag these photos of Dustin and Lauren, even though we had to change our entire location and it was 20 degrees..

Here is how.

Some of you that know me personally or that have kept up with me over the years, may think... wow this girl looks familiar who is she?? Well... Lauren was the FIRST "best friend" I ever had wayyyyyyyy back in the elementary days. Can you believe that??! From sleepovers, and movies, to taking photos of her and her boyfriend 20 years later!!

Want to know something else about this session?? It was shot with harsh sun, probably an hour or so before perfect sunset and the session only lasted about 15 minutes. We had original plans to go to Craggy Gardens in Asheville and take these beautiful mountain sunset photos. and then guess what...THE PARKWAY IS CLOSED.  The story of my life right?! So we go to our next location - Downtown. Now I personally LOVE downtown setting for couples, because there are lots of creative spaces,  murals, ally ways that give off great shadows and then MY ALL TIME FAVORITE -- PARKING DECKS.

So we meet up at a local bar, let them enjoy a few drinks before taking them out into the 20-degree weather and then we went one street over for all of these photos. Being able to produce quality content in a short amount of time is stressful, yet exhilarating because you're really having to think outside the box, and I personally love it!

Laurena and Dustin were SUCH TROPPERS through all of this, and I couldn't be more grateful for their easy-going attitudes and ability to change plans at the drop of a hat. 

These photos were some of my favs, but again parking, decks are my fav so whose next for one of these shoots??!

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