Three Types of Wedding Planners

When it comes to wedding planners, there are a few things to consider. First, if the wedding planner is not from the South, does that really matter? Most wedding planners from the North are very familiar with the South and bring vast experience, connections and know-how to the table when you need them. They take the drudgery out of planning your wedding so you can just enjoy and be happy. However, if your wedding is to take place in the Deep South or have other wedding guests that are not exactly Southern but are rather from a similar or adjoining region, it could be an important factor to consider. Ask yourself what you’d prefer: A planner that has Southern roots or one that does not.

Ask about the wedding planner’s website and how long they’ve been in business

The longer the planner has been doing weddings the more familiar he or she will be with what needs to happen for your wedding day. It would be a little odd to book your wedding planner and then find out months later that the wedding planner cannot fulfill your request. Another helpful hint: Check out their reviews. Reviews from actual customers are usually a good indicator of how a business operates, the quality of services provided and of the overall customer experience.

What is the general consensus among those who have brides-to-be who are working with wedding planners? “Wedding planners can be a godsend! They provide so many resources for such a small fee.” – Anonymous brides-to-be

If you’re looking for a wedding planner in Asheville, the top three must-have services are: the Wedding Planner, the Wedding photographer and the banquet hall. The Wedding Planner is responsible for all facets of the wedding such as travel arrangements, florist and photographer, accommodations, video and audio equipment, gift registry, invitations, officiant, caterer, floral arrangement, transportation, etc. The wedding planner can also negotiate on your behalf with vendors and make sure that you get the best deal possible at the end of your wedding planning process. You have the option of working directly with the planner or hiring a third party, which will often be less expensive. Many planners are open to working with you as a couple and helping you through the entire wedding planning process.

Asheville wedding planners are top in the game

If you want a wedding planner that’s more hands-on, check out Asheville wedding planners like Jack Sharp who has been doing weddings and receptions in Asheville for more than 15 years. He has the resources to get your wedding off to a great start and will work closely with you until the day arrives. He will even make wedding day destination recommendations depending on your interests. Jack Sharp truly understands how to get your wedding off to a fantastic start and he will keep you updated along the way. His knowledge of all of the details will ensure that everything runs smoothly and you don’t feel rushed.

So, there you have it – the three main types of wedding planners. When choosing a wedding planner, take all the time necessary to research them thoroughly and find one that’s right for you and your special day. You’ll have so much fun planning your wedding that you’ll forget about the hard work. Good luck!