Wedding Tips For Hiring Good Photographer

Newlyweds often ask me if they need photography before or after the wedding. Considering that the term prewedding / postwedding has become familiar in our language and has become an integral part of the package of every serious photographer in Serbia, I decided to pay a little attention to this topic. I would like to show the future newlyweds the advantages of taking photos before or after the wedding and give them some useful tips.

It is the job of the photographer at the wedding to capture the moments that take place that day according to the protocol. Will you have time to take photos at a location on your wedding day? If you do have time – will that part of the day be good for photography? What if it rains? Lastly, will you be in the mood to take photos at all?

There are many factors that affect the appearance of a good photo on the wedding day, so taking photos before or after the wedding creates opportunities for much better conditions. In this way, it is easier to predict and avoid some unfavorable conditions such as stress, rain, strong sun, and on the other hand, you have the opportunity to go to a beautiful location for which you would not have time on the wedding day.

“WHY PREWEDDING”? So let’s start in order.

The first and most important thing is that you will certainly be more relaxed, because no one is in a hurry, you don’t have to think about whether you will arrive on time for a civil wedding and the like. And if you get tired, we can always sit down and drink coffee, and very often those photos can be cool and interesting.

The other thing is the weather conditions. If it rains on your wedding day, you are doomed to take photos indoors, and nature lovers will not like it. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the day of your wedding will probably be hot and very sunny. Due to the sharpness of the light, the shadows are accentuated, and thus the under-eye circles. Undoubtedly the best time to photograph prewedding is about an hour before sunset, the so-called golden hour. That’s when the colors are strongest and that’s when the most beautiful photos are taken.

The third important thing is the location. Usually, due to the lack of time on the wedding day, the newlyweds choose locations for photography near the restaurant, so as not to waste a lot of time in traffic. The advantage of prewedding / postwedding is that you will not rush anywhere. You will have time to take photos in a location that evokes beautiful emotions or a nice memory.

Should I take a photo before or after the wedding?

This answer is up to you. I like to take photos before the wedding, while the newlyweds are in euphoria, nervous but also excited. My recordings are relaxed, so this way of working makes the newlyweds even happier and more relaxed, so that the whole process will be fun and enjoyable for them in the end.

The disadvantage of shooting before the wedding is that young people can rarely wear a wedding dress, fearing that they will probably get dirty. That is why I advise young people who want to be photographed in a wedding dress to take a photo after the wedding, on Monday or Tuesday, depending on when they need to return the wedding dress to the salon, if it is rented. Young people who buy a wedding dress are not limited by time, and that is another mitigating circumstance. It happened to me to photograph prewedding in August, because it was nice weather then, and the wedding was scheduled for November.

If you decide to prewedding, we will have the opportunity to get to know each other better, I will not be a stranger to you on your wedding day, you will get used to the presence of the camera more easily and I will be invisible to you. This is a big plus for taking spontaneous photos, which are a favorite among newlyweds, because they show the real energy that the photographed frame carries.

The disadvantage of shooting after the wedding can be that the newlyweds sometimes become mentally empty during the wedding and then do not have the necessary energy to take photos. Rarely, but it has happened, newlyweds do not want to be photographed at all on their wedding day, because they know that they will be photographed a few days after the wedding. And when that day comes, they have no will, and then they happen to run out of photos from such a significant event in their lives, and they cancel the postwedding.

What is my photography tip?

My advice to you is to take photos on the day of the wedding for a short time, at least half an hour somewhere you like, and again near the restaurant and you will have photos in a suit and wedding dress, and to take photos before the wedding in a completely casual and stress-free version. I like to take prewedding photos in two locations and I suggest you have a minimum of two clothing combinations, one more casual and one more elegant.

We agree in more detail on the location that is interesting to you, how and where you would like to be photographed, and then we plan the day together.

What if it rains when it’s prewedding?

In case of rain, we move the shooting day. This is another advantage of prewedding, because we can’t do something like that on the wedding day itself.

What to wear for prewedding?

It is most ideal to come dressed as on the wedding day, however, as I have already mentioned, it is sometimes impossible due to the possibility of soiling the wedding dress. I don’t want to tell you which clothing combinations to choose, but I can tell you what you should definitely not wear for photography before or after the wedding:

  • clothes and shoes with inscriptions,
  • jeans,
  • slippers,
  • shorts,
  • sports shoes

The wardrobe should not be branded, it should be simple, because over-emphasized brands distract and it does not look nice. It is desirable for men to wear pants and shoes, while dresses or skirts are recommended for girls, but everything should be harmonized in terms of color and shape. For a relaxed combination, old women or some shoes in a similar style are often chosen.

Do you wear makeup for prewedding?

Definitely. I may sound weird now, I don’t want you to misunderstand me, but women should always wear make-up for photography. It doesn’t have to be evening make-up for going out, but if the bride comes to the photo without make-up, she will not be satisfied with her appearance in the photos. So I have another piece of advice for you. Make-up artists very often offer trial make-up, so this is an ideal opportunity that you should use and “kill two flies with one blow”, that is, you come to prewedding with such make-up. Ideal, isn’t it?